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Palo Santo Incense Powder - Cleansing Crystals & Space
Palo Santo Incense Powder- Small Pack - Cleansing Crystals & Space
Palo Santo Incense Powder - Big Pack - Cleansing Crystals & Space
Palo Santo - Cleansing Crystals & Space

Palo Santo Incense Powder

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Something that we are using daily in our shop as it will continue to burn once lit up and create more smoke than the stick, which is excellent for a general space cleansing in a faster speed. 

Do make sure the burning powder is not near any flammable items.

As we hope for our customers could receive the best help from their regularly cleansed crystals, we price our Palo Santo products as low as possible. 😊

How to use Palo Santo powder?


Our Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) products are from an organization in South America that is actively doing reforestation to make Palo Santo sustainable. Dead Palo Santo are gathered with support from its surrounding Indigenous community.

The amount of the small pack of Palo Santo incense powder is similar as 3 pcs of Palo Santo sticks, etc. 

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Q: How long can a small pack last?

A: We can't give an exact estimation of how long a small pack can burn or how much is needed to cleanse crystals etc. The amount of negative energy our crystals absorb, how often you cleanse it, will also  affect how long the pack can last.

If the powder is placed like a mountain or in wide surface area, it will burn faster and create more smoke. If it is place as a thin, long stretch of line, it will burn slower. We suggest for a try out with small amount first for you to have a bigger idea.