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Thank you for visiting, I’m Rave. 

Having a deep love for crystals and on my spiritual path of assisting others to find themselves and happiness in life. I hope to provide a place where people can get the best help from crystals, a place where help is always available, and a place where you can find serenity to recharge your soul.

Thus, Crystals Cube makes the extra effort on cleansing and activating our crystals, stringing our bracelets according to their best sequence of energy flow, providing cleansing supply (Palo Santo) as cheap as possible so that people can keep their crystals at their best performance, and offering advice on how to improve their situations. It always brightens our day to see our clients feel better over time. 😊

Regardless if we have fate to meet, I wish for you to have a wonderful life. 

Love & light,

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