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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing aims to heal our body (physical), mind (mental) and heart (emotions) through enhancing the energy flow of our bodies and balancing our chakras using crystals that emits the specific energy which resonate well correspondingly.

Throughout years of crystal healing explorations and practices, crystal healing practitioners had discovered the healing properties of over a thousand types of crystals and minerals, including which chakra(s) each type of crystals resonate with.

Crystal could help us by enhancing our abilities in dealing with daily life in every aspect, recovering from emotional wounds, supporting health issues, and empowering ourselves personally. They offer a range of healing effects that can positively impact various aspects of our lives, such as the following: 

Emotional Healing

  • Relieve tension and daily life stress
  • Smoothen emotional chaos and provide emotional support
  • Release past emotional burden
  • Recovering from emotional traumas

    Physical Healing

    • Boost up energy
    • Relieve pain and reduce discomfort 
    • Speed up recovery
    • Enhance body functions

    Mental/spiritual Healing

    • Clearing negative thoughts
    • Bringing inspirations & insights
    • Awareness & intuition
    • Inner peace
    • Increase thinking ability


    • Electromagnetic radiation from computer, mobile phone, etc. 
    • Negative energy from surroundings

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    Crystal Energy

    A crystal has the ability to emit, absorb and store energy.

    For instance, crystals can emit energy that helps to sooth our emotions and enhance our mental clarity, enabling us to reach our goals. They can also protect us by forming an energy shield to block away, or absorb, negative emotions, thoughts, and ill-wishes from others, as well as radiation from electrical appliances.

    Each type of crystal possesses a unique set of healing properties. However, even within the same type, each individual piece of crystal emits its own distinct energy. 

    The metaphysical properties of rose quartz include promoting emotional healing, relaxing, cleansing, and opening the higher heart chakra. However, like oranges, one may be sweeter and the other juicier. Similarly, Rose Quartz A may have a stronger effect on relaxing and cleansing the higher heart chakra, whereas Rose Quartz B is more focused on emotional healing and energizing the higher heart chakra.

    Because each crystal is so unique, working with a collection of crystals is comparable to putting together a diverse group of individuals within a department. If the team is functioning effectively and working together harmoniously, it creates a positive dynamic and produces outstanding results. Likewise, when two pieces of crystal are in perfect harmony, their combined energy can exceed the sum of their individual powers. They can even generate up to 7 or 8 times the level of synergy. However, if they are not working well together, the combination of 1 + 1 can be less effective than using them separately.

    Crystal energy flows in a specific direction. The way we hold or face different sides of a crystal can have different effects on our energy flow. Furthermore, when working with multiple crystals, the order in which they are placed can greatly impact their synergy and result in varying levels of healing effects.

    (Please visit our website, "Crystals Cube Bracelet," for additional information.)

    In accordance to the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be converted from one form of energy to another, it is essential for us to cleanse and charge our crystals regularly for optimal crystal healing. Visit Crystals Care to find out how to keep your crystals with positive vibes!

    Our Energy

    As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity, which is scientifically known as an electromagnetic field. The common terms are aura and energy field.

    Like our fingerprints and DNA, every one of us is a unique individual with a distinctive aura.

    Everyone is a unique individual. There isn’t anyone exactly like us, not even if we have a twin.

    Our aura is unique as our DNA. However, it changes according to our mental, physical and emotion, and vice versa.

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    Ultimate Crystal healing

    The ultimate crystal healing effect occurs when the energy between the crystals and an individual synchronises and form a beautiful symphony of frequency.

    As mentioned, each crystal and individual possess their own unique energy, Thus, the choice of crystals used, to be exact, the particular piece of crystals used has a high influence on the quality of crystal healing therapy.

    At Crystals Cube, we value the uniqueness of each person. All of us has our distinctive experience and temperament; each of us are walking along our life journey at our own pace with personal goals and needs.

    With these understanding, Rave is aspired to support individuals to reach their highest potential by conducting personalised healing crystal selection based on Chakra Energy Reading for Ultimate Crystal Healing.

    A Chakra Energy Reading is a process in which the highly sensitive energy reader connects to one's aura to assess the present state of one's chakras and energy flow. Such a reading allows Rave to gain insight into your unique needs and the energy required to optimize your chakras and energy flow. Along with the ability to sense individual pieces of crystal, it enables her to meticulously select crystals that harmonise virtually perfectly with your chakras to form your own amazing symphony of frequency that achieves the ultimate crystal healing effect.

    There is no birthday, personal details or physical contact are required. 

    Simply visit the shop in person or provide a few recent photos of the person you wish to gift a crystal to. For higher accuracy, please provide three photos taken on different days, as recent as possible.

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    The Three Ultimate Crystal Healing Package

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