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Crystals Cube has been working with crystals for over a decade and widely known as the “Liang Court crystal shop”. 

We started as a fashion accessories kiosk in 2006, and shortly, as we got in touch with crystals, we are amazed by those enormous positive transformations that they have brought into both ours and our clients’ life. 

Memories Echo, Valley Point, 2008
Valley Point, 2008


Thus, in 2008, we set up our first crystal shop at Valley Point, followed by our current shop at Liang court in 2009.


Memories Echo

Since we have been running as a crystal shop for over a decade, we have decided to rename ourselves from Memories Echo to Crystals Cube in 2018. 


Crystals Cube



The Metatron’s cube is an energy symbol that consists of five platonic solids, and the cube is one of them that gives out positive energy.

Cube_Metatron's Cube


Begin inspired by that, we came out with this new name, Crystals Cube, with our greatest wish of bringing more good vibes to our shop and visitors. ☺️


Crystals Cube


In 2020, we moved to The Adelphi, which is a few minutes away from City Hall Mrt.