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Collection: Crystals Cube Bracelets

Each crystal bead is like an individual, with its own unique energy and a specific direction of energy flow.

A crystal bracelet is like a group of people sitting at the same round table. It will be awkward, or even disastrous, if we sit next to a mismatched person.

Mismatched crystals will neutralise or clash with each otherโ€™s energy.

At Crystals Cube, we handpicked to string our bracelets bead by bead, ensuring that they are matching and strung in a good sequence with the right energy flow. This ensures that the entire bracelet synchronizes and generates a powerful, harmonious, and joyful synergy!

P.S.: If you need to restring your Crystals Cube bracelet yourself, do so in its exact sequence to maintain the same good synergy ๐Ÿ˜Š Alternatively, we also have a restring service for Crystals Cube bracelet @$2-4 for each singlet crystal bracelet and up to $5 for a personalised bracelet.

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