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Collection: Crystals Cube Bracelets

Each crystal bead is like an individual that has its unique energy, and has a particular direction of energy flow.

A crystal bracelet is like a group of people sitting in the same round table. It will be awkward or even disastrous if sitting next to mismatched person.

Mismatched crystals will neutralize or clash with each other’s energy.

At Crystals Cube, we handpicked to string our bracelets bead by bead, making sure that they are matching and strung in a good sequence with the right energy flow. So that the whole bracelet synchronize and create a strong harmonious joyful synergy!

P.S.: If you need to restring your Crystals Cube bracelet yourself, do restring it at its exact sequence to maintain the same good synergy 😊 Alternatively, we also have restring service for Crystals Cube bracelet @$2 for singlet crystal bracelet and up to $5 for personalised bracelet.

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