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About Rave

Rave is an intuitive counsellor and crystal energy specialist who has been with Crystals Cube since 2010.

In the 13 years of working with crystals and energy, she started off by feeling mild vibrations from crystals through her hand, followed by the energy flow in her body. As Rave felt more confident in her skills after all the practicing, she started conducting energy healing for clients and friends in 2013.

Rave surprised her client one day when she was able to pinpoint the exact changes in her client's energy flow after her client wore a crystal bracelet.

Ever since, Rave has been helping clients from different parts of the world pick out crystals that suit them based on their unique energy and needs, both in person and through photos. To stay connected to her spiritual path, she has also been constantly meditating and doing energy work.

Rave believes that crystals are mainly like a supplement to help promote our wellbeing and bring out our potential. Thus, she has been actively giving intuitive guidance to clients, advising them on how to manifest their desired outcome with the help of crystals as well as one's willpower and mindfulness. And being able to play a part in the crystal healing and self-empowerment journeys of her clients has always given Rave a sense of fulfillment and motivation.

Rave is specialized in:

  • Identifying the energy of each piece of crystal and their synergy with each other

  • Reading energy flows and chakras of individuals

  • Cleansing and activating energy for crystals and individuals

  • Crystal programming

  • Setting up crystals grid

  • Providing intuitive counselling and guidance

  • Energy healing & space cleansing