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How Crystals Work?

When it comes to crystal healing, most people dismiss it as folklore or superstition. Let’s put it in a more scientific way to explain how crystals work.
  • Introduction
  • How do crystals work?
  • Crystals' energy


Electromagnetic (EM) Waves

As we know, the human body functions through the electromagnetic (EM) waves that our brain emits. These waves control our bodies (physical), thoughts (mental), and emotions. In fact, everything on earth emits EM waves, and crystals produce certain kinds of waves.

Similar kinds of waves are generally referred to as Qi in Chinese medicine and martial arts, and as energy in holistic healing.

By holding a crystal, its energy wave reacts with ours and tunes some changes.

How do crystals work?

A crystal’s basic function is to emit, absorb, and store energy.

Crystals can emit energy that helps to calm our emotions and sharpen our minds in order to achieve our goals. It can also form an energy shield to block away negative emotions, thoughts, and ill-wishes from others, as well as radiation from electrical appliances.

Crystals can also help us by absorbing obstructive energies that cause negative thoughts and emotions .

Hence, by the help of crystals’ good energy, it allows us to lead a positive life and greater health! 😊

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Crystals' energy

Besides the properties of different types of crystals, each piece of crystal has its own identical energy. For example, the energy of a Rose Quartz can range from relaxing to emotionally healing, or cleansing to activating our higher heart chakra, etc.

Due to the uniqueness of each piece of crystal, working with a group of crystals is like putting a group of people inside a room. If the group can sync well, it forms positive dynamics. If two pieces of crystal can sync well, their synergy can be 1 + 1, more than 2. They might even create a synergy of up to five times. However, if they cannot sync well, 1 + 1 can be less than 2, so it will be better to use them separately.

As for us, who also have our unique energy, different pieces of crystal will also synchronize with our energy differently.