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Our Crystals

We are consistently sourcing and keeping our inventory up to over a hundred varieties of crystals, in forms of raw, polished and accessories. 

As it is important for us to offer crystals with good vibes, upon arrival of our new shipment, we will spend a period of time to fully cleanse them before shelving, as well as cleansing them regularly.

Each piece of crystals is a unique individual like us. They work better with certain pieces and less efficient some others. And even for round shape ones like crystal beads, all crystals do have a direction of energy. When the direction of energy is not consistence, it creates certain kind of disturbance which affects the overall energy. 

Therefore, we take extra effort to string our bracelets according the most harmonious sequence, so as to bring out their highest potentials. And they are happy! (Actually, it is also because we feel discomfort and they are “making noise”, so yes, we love them and spoilt them 🤣)     

*We love our crystal babies, please handle them with love and respect if you are paying a visit :)