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Oracle Card Reading

 Oracle Cards

During a card reading session, the oracle cards serve as a medium to bring forth advices and messages that the higher beings has about the question/situation.

At crystals cube, we use oracle cards rather than the tarot because oracle cards have more straight forward messages that gives better understanding. At the beginning of the season you may also choose a deck that attracts you if you prefer to do so.

Each 3 card reading session is estimated to last about 20-30 minutes, and at the end of the session we will give you a tumble that we feel will support you in the question / situation that you are asking about!

Do note that all cards reading only serve as advice and is NOT to be taken as clear instruction or replacement for medical advice. (For its sensitive nature, we don’t do readings regarding medical conditions. Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist for professional medical advice.)

Conducted by Rave & Mayu

Energy exchange - $30

Duration – 20 - 30 mins

Online Oracle Card Reading is now available!


Q: What’s the difference between conducting oracle carding reading with a card reader and doing it myself with my own cards?

A: Sometimes, even for an intuitive card reader, people could be too emotionally involved, hoping for a certain result and having assumptions.

Getting a card reading from a reader with neutral stand can provide one with a clearer point of view, and help us see from another perspective.

Q: What is energy exchange?

A: Despite on the time spend, by conducting energy work such as energy reading, card reading & etc., the reader will give away positive energy as well as helping their clients by taking in some negative energy. If the reader gives too much, it will spoil the karma (cause & effects) balance, which is not good for both parties.