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Collection: Palm Stone

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Palm stone, a size that fits into our palm perfectly. 

As the size of crystal is proportionate to the amount of energy they can give out, crystals of such size can give us a powerful energy boost or healing, without causing them to be overwhelmed easily like their smaller size tumbles. 

Besides the comforting feeling of holding a palm stone in our hand, many of us prefer it over the few times smaller tumble as it allows us to receive more benefits in a much shorter time of holding. 


Q: If I am holding a few of the same crystal tumbles that is equivalent to the size of a palm stone, will the effect be same as holding a palm stone? 

A: Sometimes even for crystals of the same kind might not be synchronizing in harmony. 

Despite we pick your order in the way that all crystals to be as compatible with the rest as possible, a full piece of crystal tends to have a stronger energy than a group of crystals of its equivalent size. Just like a full crystal bangle is more powerful than a bracelet. 

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