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Golden Calcite Sphere
Golden Calcite Sphere

Golden Calcite Sphere - 3.5cm

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  •  Helps in perceiving abundance by overcoming beliefs in limitations.
  • Enhances self-confidence ,courage and trust in one's ability to change one's life.
  • An amplifier and cleanser of energy
  • Bring clarity of mind and positivity.
  • Aids in learning and developing new skills.
  • Crown & Solar Plexus Chakra

Product Information:

  • Inclusive of a sphere display stand
  • Calcite is softer than most of the other crystals.
  • You will be receiving ONE similar piece as shown in picture.
  • Each crystal is a unique creation of our mother nature. It is normal to find natural form of crack lines, holes, inclusions, and other minerals inside or on them, as well as having a range of colours and shapes.