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Protection bracelet - Black Tourmaline, Bronzite & Smokey Quartz
Protection bracelet - Black Tourmaline, Bronzite & Smokey Quartz
Protection bracelet - Black Tourmaline, Bronzite & Smokey Quartz
ENCHANTED Protection –  Warrior
ENCHANTED Protection –  Warrior
ENCHANTED Protection –  Warrior

ENCHANTED Protection – Warrior

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So often in life, we allow undeserving people to drain us, or simply influence us with their negativity. While its sometimes alright to want to share or help, its just not right when it keeps happening!

Because... real friends won’t keep dumping negativity on you. And even if they are doing so because they can't help it, you have to help yourself stay protected to stay afloat.

Our ENCHANTED protection bracelet is designed to provide user a well-balanced protection and also assisting in discharging negative energy from our body smoothly, with 3 types of crystal:

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a famous crystal for blocking negativity, radiation and warding off negative people. It is also one of the strongest grounding crystals.

Tourmaline also gives out negative ion which is why some negative ion bracelets are made with tourmaline powder.

*Do note that black tourmaline also help us by absorb negative energy. Thus, do cleanse it more often for the best effect. (It is one of those crystals that we will take days to cleanse upon arrival. So, remember to cleanse more, okay? 😉)


The most significant effects of bronzite is bouncing back ill-wishes !! (WOW) Besides shielding off negativity and enhance grounding abilities, it also boosts self-confidence, helps to eliminate self-doubts and gives us more courage to deal with challenges.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is a grounding stone and can be used for blocking radiation. Its powerful yet smooth energy can bring us calmness and cleanse our negative energy gently.


Product Information:

  • As each piece of crystal is unique, you will be receiving a similar piece as shown in picture
  • Do note that the design might be slightly different according to your wrist size option
  • For smaller wrist size, please leave a note during checkout, we will try our best to resize accordingly


Q: Why smokey quartz?

A: (A secret for you!)

Despite being a powerful protective and grounding crystals, the energy of black tourmaline is too “heavy” for most peoples energy, unless certain individuals need extremely strong grounding.

Thus, we blend in the smoothing and refreshing energy of smokey quartz with black tourmaline, so as to create a comfortable balancing energy for our customers.

Those customers of ours with higher sensitivity really love it.  😊