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Personalized Healing Bracelet

Customized crystals bracelet 

Everyone is a unique individual. There isn’t anyone exactly like us, not even if we have a twin.

Our personalized bracelet is tailor made based on the energy reading consultation that we conducted with you. 

Similar to our energy reading consultation for Chakra Crystal Energy Reading, share with us any areas you would like to focus on, and according to your aura (energy field), we will show your which crystals are most suitable for you and explain why. Usually we will also share suggestions that help in achieving your focus.

While our best matching crystals service is to pick the exact few pieces of crystal for you to choose, we select your special bracelet bead by bead.



Crystals while working as a combination, it’s like those herbs used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). According to the purpose of use for each individual, the types and ratios of the crystals used are different.

By sensing your aura and each crystal energy, we can determine the necessary types of crystal, their ratios, and which particular beads that can achieve the most desirable combination of energy for your purpose.



Just like how each company has different departments, different crystals are comparable to these departments. They work together to give us the most help they can. However, it is also important to ensure that these crystals' energy synchronize and flow in the same direction as well to avoid "office politics"! This is why we keep focusing on the importance of the energy flow right down to every individual bead.



Thus, we will design the pattern of your bracelet to make it pretty and fashionable while observing the energy interaction among the beads.

Lastly, introducing crystal maintenance methods.


Price of bracelet - $60 & above (based on crystals used)
*Complementary chakra energy reading service (worth $49.90)

Duration - 20mins–60mins (depending on individual)

Conducted by Rave

Online Personalized Healing Bracelet Service is now available! 

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Q: What is the usual price range for a Personalized Healing Bracelet?

A: Usually our Personalized Healing Bracelet will need a combination of 3-5 types of crystal for the best effect. As the number of beads of the bracelet is limited, it generally needs a higher quality to make up for the lower quantity of each type of crystals used.

Our selection is based on whichever that is best according to your energy, sometimes a bracelet will cost as low as $50 or as high as over $200 (for bigger bead size). The usual price range for a Personalized Healing Bracelet to provide the best effect will be around $80-140. It is good to share with us about your budget, so that we can show you some alternatives if necessary, and explain the difference between them for your consideration.



Q: Can I use this to get a special gift for someone?

A: Yes! All you need to do, is just to provide us their photos as mentioned above. In fact, we have many customers whom get this for their love ones. You may also pass this as a gift to your love ones if you prefer to let them share with us their needs personally. Check out our Online Personalized Healing Bracelet Service !


Q: What is energy exchange?



A: Despite on the time spend, by conducting energy work such as energy reading, card reading & etc., the reader will give away positive energy as well as helping their clients by taking in some negative energy. If the reader gives too much, it will spoil the karma (cause & effects) balance, which is not good for both parties. 



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