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Crystal Introduction

Crystals have been widely used in spiritual and religion for many centuries. The practice of using crystals has a long documented history as far back as 1500 B.C in the Ebers Papyrus from Egypt. In our modern lives, crystals’ role, as simple as:

To heal our wounds

To uplift our spirits

& give us support & encouragement. 

Crystal could help us by enhance our abilities of dealing with daily life at every aspect, recovering from emotional wounds, supporting in health issues, and personal empowerment and more, such as:

Emotional Healing

    • Relieve tension and daily life stress
    • Smoothen emotional chaos and provide emotional support
    • Release past emotional burden
    • Recovering from emotional traumas

        Physical Healing

        • Boost up energy
        • Relieve pain and reduce discomfort 
        • Speed up recovery
        • Enhance body functions

        Mental/spiritual Healing

        • Clearing negative thoughts
        • Bringing inspirations & insights
        • Awareness & intuition
        • Inner peace
        • Increase thinking ability


        • Electromagnetic radiation from computer, mobile phone, etc.
        • Negative energy from surroundings