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Chakra Crystal Energy Reading

 "Which of my chakras needs to be balanced?" 

"There are many different types of crystals for the same chakra; which one is best for me?"

Each of us is an individual with our own distinct energy/aura, and we function best when our chakras are open and balanced.

The Crystal Chakra Energy Reading helps to understand an individual's current energy flow and chakra status, and thus determines which types and specific pieces of crystals are appropriate for balancing those chakras.

As even the same type of crystal does have some differences in their energy, we will handpick a set of crystals (worth up to $50) that are most aligned with your energy and give them to you free of charge.

Alternatively, if you want to get other crystals that cost more than $50, simply top up the difference.

No birthday/details/touching are required.

What is included?

We will let you know if any of your chakras are out of balance, which is causing problems, and we will recommend the best type of crystal(s) and specific piece(s)* for you. And explain how this could help you feel better.

*Just like humans, each crystal has its own vibe. In terms of energy, some rose quartz is more relaxing than others, while others may be better at emotional healing, and so on.

We will recommend crystals that are compatible with your energy and will scan all of the crystals in our shop to handpick those that can balance your chakras and are the most synchronized among themselves.

Energy exchange - $49.90 
(with free crystals worth up to $50)

Duration - 20mins or more (depending on individual)

Conducted by Rave

Online Energy Reading is now available! 


Q: Can I use this to get someone crystal?

A: Of course! All you have to do is send us their photos, as mentioned above. In fact, many of our customers purchase this for their loved ones. You may also give this as a gift to your loved ones if you prefer to let them share their needs with us in person. Check out our Online Energy Reading!


Q: What exactly is energy exchange?

A: Regardless of the amount of time spent, by performing energy work such as energy reading, card reading, and so on, the reader will give away positive energy while also assisting their clients by taking in some negative energy. If the reader gives too much, the karma (cause and effect) balance will be thrown off, which is bad for both parties.