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About Yiwen (Mayu)

Yiwen (also known as Mayu) is a compassionate emotional healer and channeler who makes people feel better after speaking with her. She is also an intuitive oracle card reader, having started reading since her school days.

Her school counsellor introduced her to crystals and oracle cards with the idea that they might be able to help with her issues, and it not only helped her, but it also started her on her spiritual journey even after she graduated.

Yiwen, like most healers, has also encountered a lot of challenging moments in life, and she came to Crystals Cube in 2015 for some crystal therapy to help her deal with a loss.


Rave and Yiwen eventually became great friends, and one day Rave discovered that some of Yiwen's text messages sounded too wise to be hers.

As a result, Rave recommended her to try out automatic writing, and they discovered that her channeling gift to receive messages from guardians had awakened!

Up to date, Yiwen has been with Crystals Cube for 6 years and has played an essential role in the company.

Yiwen specialises in:

  • Identifying the energy of each piece of crystal
  • Reading individuals' energy flows and chakras
  • Cleansing the energy of crystal
  • Emotional healing
  • Channeling messages from guardians
  • Oracle card reading