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ENCHANTED Emotional Healing - Eden
ENCHANTED Emotional Healing - Eden

ENCHANTED Emotional Healing - Eden

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Eden, a place where we can find peace.

This bracelet is designed to bring peace during stressful period , as well as to promote loving communication.

Chevron Amethyst

  • Combines the energy of Amethyst & Clear Quartz. 
  • A high vibration & protective crystal. 
  • Calm or stimulate the mind as appropriate. 
  • Improve decision making, clarity, intuition & memory. 
  • Enhance higher states of consciousness & spiritual awareness.  
  • Crown & Third eye Chakra.


  • Calming for both mentally and emotionally
  • Improves communication, especially in expressing our emotions
  • Aids in understanding of the others
  • Throat & Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz

  • Loving energy that attracts more love into our life. 
  • Emotional support and healing. 
  • Improve relationship. 
  • Help to release negative emotional.
  • Calming & relaxing.
  • Heart Chakra. 

Hematite (gold-plated)

  • Give Strength & increase stamina
  • Stimulate concentration & focus by its grounding effect
  • Improve self-esteem & confidence
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Earth Chakra

    Product Information:

    • For smaller wrist size, please leave a note during checkout, we will try our best to resize accordingly.
    • Re-string kit will be included. (As our bracelets are stringed according the most harmonious sequence, please re-string at the same sequence for best effect.)
    • Each crystal is a unique creation of our mother nature. It is normal to find natural form of crack lines, holes, inclusions, and other minerals inside or on them, as well as having a range of colours and shapes.