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Collection: Best matching crystals for individual

Energy Reading - Best matching crystals for individual 

Basic Consultation / Energy Reading Service

Selecting crystal by horoscope? Choosing by their crystal properties? We have something better for you.

Everyone is a unique individual. Not all kinds of crystals are suitable for all, and not every crystal of the same type works exactly the same. 

By conducting a basic consultation/energy reading, it enables us to understand your needs and which particular types and the piece of crystal suits you the best.

No birthday/details/touching is required. 

All we need is to sense your aura by seeing you in person or recent photos of whom you would like to give a crystal to. (For higher accuracy, 3 photos taken on different days, as recent as possible).

Let us know which areas you would like to enhance on, and we will share with you what we have sensed. Usually, we will offer some free suggestions on how you could work on improving your situation. 

Then we will present your choices of best matching crystals and describe why and how it could benefit you.

Lastly, introducing crystal maintenance methods. 

Energy exchange - $30 (Free with single-crystal* purchase of $20 & above while conducting at our shop)
*Our recommended crystal based on the reading

Duration - 20mins or more (depending on individual)

Conducted by Rave 

Online Energy Reading is now available! 


Q: Can I use this to get a special gift for someone?

A: Yes! All you need to do, is just to provide us their photos as mentioned above. In fact, we have many customers whom get this for their love ones. You may also pass this as a gift to your love ones if you prefer to let them share with us their needs personally. Check out our Online Energy Reading!

Q: What is energy exchange?

A: Despite on the time spend, by conducting energy work such as energy reading, card reading & etc., the reader will give away positive energy as well as helping their clients by taking in some negative energy. If the reader gives too much, it will spoil the karma (cause & effects) balance, which is not good for both parties. 


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